Upcoming Dates

Jazz Piano Trio - Fridays at 8PM
Sector Las Cucharas Highway #2
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732
United States
1 (939) 644-9021 [map]
Price: Dinner Show

James Fraschetti piano

Irving Cancel bass

Joe Laboy drums


Mass - Sundays 10am
Calle Marina
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00716
United States
1 (787) 841-6719 [map]
Price: weekly gift


Irving Cancel Trio - Thursdays at 7:30 PM
Ave. Tito Castro MCS Plaza
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00731
Puerto Rico
1 407-285-0162 [map]
Price: drinks

The best in jazz with the Irving cancel Trio

James Fraschetti     piano

Irving cancel           bass

Joe Laboy              drums

Dinner Show - Saturdays @ 7:30 PM
44 Calle Salmon
Ponce, PUERTO RICO 00717
7876154642 [map]

James Fraschetti     Piano

Irving Cancel          Bass

Joe Laboy               Drums


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