My first memories are crucial because, as I research my business as an adult in my 20's and 30', I find that telepathy between important men of my country and myself was FACT, and psychologically important in the interplay of American Culture of the early 80's through the 90's. 

    My first actual "date" with one of these is that ABC television sign flashed to my mind with the statement "The world is going to revolve around yourself (myself)". This was in my kindergarten class on Governor's Island, the island military base (Coast Guard and others) in the harbor of New York City. The government offices were over to the other side of the baseball diamonds...and I could already see the construction of the Twin Towers across in Brooklyn, a really exciting development that I recognized.

     On this base, at 3-6 years of age, I was very attracted to women, especially in mini-skirts. I also remember "Taps", a bugle call every morning and evening. (Later in my home just in Sunday in church across the street from our house after we moved to the country). I was having little behavior problems when I was 3. When I was in Kindergarten, I used to walk a blond-haired girl home from school. i really believe that someone cwas watching me from those offices...planning my "life's career" around this experience, is the reason for the sublimation techniques that led my way to the merengue singer, Daisy Jimenez, whom used to where a wig that attracted my attention about her the first time.

     After the Church of Scientology kicked me out temporarily in 1990, that summer I took rent in a place called "Rosalinda Manor". It was a mechanic whom introduced me to the landlords, and he attempted to fix my car. But the car wouldn't work due to a PCV valve that wasn't replaced, the whole engine broke. I took the place because it was the only downstairs apartment room available, and it was big enough to fit my acoustic piano. While I was in there, I noticed that all of the other tenants were psychiatric patients (that would be REAL mass on the data, as per LRH). I was getting scared that something could go wrong. One night, me and Quincy Jones communicated telepathically...but it wasn't just himself. The tenants who were on psych medicines also heard my thoughts, and repeated them back to me, verbatim, also laughing at me for my reactions about their hearing of my thoughts! Me and Quincy decided to get me out of this, that whom would be the future mother of my children would be "alright", He also made me telepathically promise never to ever use or have possession of arms and weapons. I agreed to that, and l was asked to buy his album, "Back On The Block", which I played quite a bit, much to the amusement of my neighboring tenants outside my room. One night, Quincy, L Ron Hubbard, and the holy spirit saved my life from a male patient trying to knock my room door down. Ron asked me to take some energy balls into my hands, and place the energy on the four corners of the door. I did, and the very large young man could not break into my room. He was very sick and angry. They finally took him out of Rosalinda manor. Later at the end of that month, my friend Louis Bermudez took his speakers and my stuff and we split rent at his mother's place, with my piano carried to the second floor. Many years after this, I read in Quincy Jones' book that he was on this same medication, the ones that made the psychiatric patients read my mind. Since that fateful night, I have met many friends of Quincy's, whom first would address me as a friend of his, leading me to understand that always he has known who I am, even though me and the mentor have never met. Quincy Jones is one of my musical role models, and is a former student of Olivier Messiaen, whom I had voraciously studied the music of in college. 

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